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Kapture Da Flame

About Da Flame

I decided to come up with this business because, for years, several couples I know have always asked me for date night advice and suggestions. Also, some of my associates, co-workers, and family members who are married or have been together for years have confided in me that they are losing that umph&fire in their relationships. I know that life and all its busyness can definitely keep a couple so preoccupied that "date nights" are the last thing on their minds. So I felt the need to help with rekindling the dwindling flames of couple's dating life. So come along for the long haul with Kapture Da Flame!!! - Sherlitha Ary 

About Sherlitha Ary

I am just a loving and caring person! 

Meet the owner and inventor of Kapture Da Flame Sherlitha Ary. Sherlitha is very passionate about helping others and committed to being sensitive to the circumstances of other people. She is caring, resilient, and always strives to do right by others professionally and personally. That is why as a career field, she chose to become a registered nurse. For many years she has always found herself planning exciting, fun, and memorable events for all of the people in her life and those around her. Many of the special occasions she helped plan were well-thought-out romantic date nights. That's why professional date night planning is right in her wheelhouse. She has used her experience of planning family and friends evenings of romance to create a unique brand of her own. By harnessing her passion, experience, resilience, and natural abilities to connect with others, Sherlitha understands clients' visions and brings these special rendezvous ideas to life with ease. She specializes in personalizing every special occasion for each client. Her signature is creative and romantic designs with specific attention to incredible details. Every client who choose to collaborate with Sherlitha values her passion, sincerity, candor, dedication and caring personality. She prides herself on building bonds with every client. She finds the most pleasure in knowing that everyone is truly joyful and seeing love-felt smiles on her client's faces. She is always grateful for the opportunity to be a part of making these special moments happen. Sherlitha enjoys going to concerts, poetry reading, karaoke, comedy shows, traveling, experiencing new restaurants, wine tasting, and dancing with her spouse in her free time. She plans and designs her own romantic and passionate date nights. Sherlitha is always determined to create intimate experiences and picturesque memories for herself and clients that will last a lifetime!!!

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Many romantic relationships seem to lose the fire, flames, excitement, and fizzle that once was there when couples first met and started dating. Especially long-term relationships and marriages! Countless number of couples become so busy with life that each person let the romantic flames slowly dwindle away. So the fire in many relationships needs to be rekindled! That's what the Kapture Da Flame brand stands for. We strive to help reignite, rekindle, and revive what was lost romantically with our special date night planning services. Our individualized date night ideas and plans can be the fuel to flicker the romantic flames that have begun to diminish in our client's relationships. Let Kapture Da Flame be the kick-start to reawaken your dating life!! 

Corinthians 13:13 "And now these three remain Faith, Hope, and Love. But the greatest of these is Love"


Kapture Da Flame's primary focus and goal are to give potential clients a memorable romantic date night idea and/or on-hand planning based on their personal circumstances, budget, and special occasion. If the potential client does not have the time, persons, or knowledge of how to physically plan the date themselves, then we can supply the resources and services. 

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