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Ideas for a client to plan a romantic date night themselves

  • "First date" Ideas as well as on-hand services

  • Date nights planned and prepared by Kapture Da Flame

  • Private Anniversary Celebration planned and prepared by Kapture Da Flame (NO PARTIES. For couples only)

  • Intimate Wedding Proposal Setup (NO PARTIES. For couples only)

  • Birthday Dinner Celebration (For  2-4 people or 2 couples only)

  • The client's personal "date night" Ideas and vision brought to life

  • Date night packages are available 

  • Memberships are offered and recommended 

Please get in touch with our associates via phone or by email for specific details on each package. Packages are personalized for each client. *ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE*

Halftone Image of Crowd
Halftone Image of Crowd

Clients Profile Creation 

Please use the link below to create your profile. By completing the link below you confirm all information is true and that we are allowed to search for your perfect match or allowed to provide services that meet your needs. Should you have additional questions or concerns please visit our contact page, if not, please proceed with completing your profile. 

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